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Live life with greater happiness and fulfillment.


Our mission is to transform lives through compassionate and professional counseling and education.


Our Services

We have supported people of all ages for nearly 20 years in addressing a wide variety of mental health, addiction, and life transition issues. We serve clients throughout Indiana and across the country. Our inviting, home-like atmosphere eases the natural apprehension you might experience in sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings with others. Here you’ll find a place to try out new insight and discover new possibilities to enrich your future.

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Our Process

Each of The Cabin’s therapists specializes in specific areas of expertise. Based upon your unique needs and goals, our triage staff will recommend the therapist we believe can best care for you, or you can choose to take advantage of our “meet and greet” option.

Most clients remain in therapy until they’ve met their goals and/or feel they can cope successfully with their issues. Individual needs vary; thus, therapy may be short term or longer depending on the complexity of the issue(s) addressed. How long therapy lasts is up to you and your therapist, and you are free to discontinue therapy at any time.


Our Staff

We believe that the key element to successful therapeutic change is the relationship between you and your therapist. As you go through your counseling experience you and your therapist will define goals of treatment and evaluate success in completing those. Should you or your therapist decide that another counselor might be a better fit, we will happily refer you to someone else within the practice or to another counseling center if that would be in your best interest.


There’s No One Like Us

Since our beginning in 1999, we have pledged to help all those in need of counseling, regardless of their ability to pay the full fee. Generous donations to our Samaritan Fund allow us to maintain this commitment. We are passionately committed to focusing on you first and our financial bottom line second.

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