I chose The Cabin because it was recommended by my doctor after the first of several traumatic events in my life. I have learned how to deal with my life, and I feel that my therapist understands me and knows how to be brutally honest sometimes and other times tread lightly until I am ready to discuss the issue more openly. I’m not sure where my life would be without the ongoing support of The Cabin and my therapist, and I don’t want to know. The Samaritan Fund has meant everything to me. I hope everyone who needs counseling and can’t afford it is able to get help from The Samaritan Fund.


We chose The Cabin because of their reputation for being trustworthy and staffed by people with integrity. Our care at The Cabin helped us to appropriately respond to tough situations with marriage, mental illness, teen choices/hormones, and each other in marriage. I felt our therapists worked to intentionally help us move through situations by challenging us to address the real issues rather than allowing us to get stuck in ‘he said/she said.’

My life has changed as a result of seeking care at The Cabin such that I am able to use tools and take a perspective that I/we don’t have to work through anxiety, depression, and anger in our marriage alone. We also have learned how to help our children with appropriate boundaries and understand how to best care for them.

The availability of The Samaritan Fund truly meant being able to seek help and support when we needed it most — during a time of challenges with our teen, unemployment, and mental health crises in our family.



When I first started counseling at The Cabin I was not sure how I would be able to afford going week after week. The Samaritan Fund allowed me to continue to attend these lifesaving sessions. I never felt like I was looked down upon or treated any differently than anyone else who was paying the full fee.

I am grateful that I was able to continue my sessions because of the generosity of people who believed in the vision, mission, and ongoing help The Cabin was making in people’s lives. I am grateful for this place of healing, not only for me, but I believe for many others. I have referred several people to The Cabin, knowing that these friends who desperately needed to be in counseling would be able to get the care they needed.

Just as The Samaritan Fund helped me when I first began my journey of healing, they, too, were able to afford their therapy because the practice of The Cabin is to see that no one is turned away because they cannot afford it.