noun - a charitable or helpful person

30% of our clients qualify for Samaritan Fund assistance. Your generosity changes lives.


Since inception, The Cabin has provided the highest standard of care and has pledged to help all those in need of counseling, regardless of ability to pay. Through The Samaritan Fund, and unique to The Cabin, a commitment is maintained to focusing on clients first and the financial bottom line second. Financial assistance is provided to clients that do not qualify for traditional social assistance, but have financial constraints, limiting their ability to pursue mental health care.


While most Samaritan Fund beneficiaries do not qualify for public assistance, they are often in dire financial circumstances due to job loss, divorce or unemployment post-college graduation. Their road to wholeness is difficult to travel and often filled with distraction. Having someone to walk with is crucial to maintaining focus and a desire to heal. Your generosity to The Samaritan Fund will directly touch lives and positively impact future generations. Your contribution to The Samaritan Fund will help ensure its continued availability for individuals, couples, and families across Indiana and is a true investment in the lives and futures of our clients. The Cabin maintains its commitment to you that 100% of all charitable donations go to programs and services under the umbrella of The Samaritan Fund. The Cabin is a federally designated 501(c)(3); therefore all donations are tax deductible.